Proposed Agreements With Technology Resources Industries Berhad

Back Mar 13, 2002
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Technology Resources Industries Berhad (TRI) and DiGi.Com Berhad (DiGi) (through its wholly owned subsidiary, DiGi. Telecommunication Sdn Bhd) today jointly announced that both companies have entered into a Heads of Agreement, a Joint Bid Agreement and a contract for the provision of roaming services. Pursuant to the terms of these agreements, the two parties have agreed to establish GSM National Roaming and facilitate the incorporation of a joint venture company for the submission of a joint 3G bid. The management teams of both companies expect the integration of their respective networks and infrastructure will result in significant benefits to both companies’ customers and shareholders, in line with the call by the Malaysian Government for operators to minimize duplication of network and infrastructure investments in the communication industry.

Whilst both companies are committed towards reaching final agreement on the commercial terms of the proposed sharing of network and infrastructure and incorporation of a joint venture company for the submission of a joint 3G bid, there can be no assurances that the two companies will achieve this objective

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Company Name DIGI.COM BERHAD  
Stock Name DIGI    
Date Announced 13 Mar 2002  
Category General Announcement
Reference No DS-020313-51943