Submission Of Application For 2600mhz Spectrum To Skmm (Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission)

Back Jan 14, 2011
Type Announcement
Subject DiGi.Com Berhad
- SUBMISSION of APPLICATION FOR 2600MHz SPECTRUM to SKMM (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission)
Contents The Board of Directors (“Board”) of DiGi.Com Berhad wishes to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (“DiGi”) had on 14 January 2011 submitted to SKMM a Detailed Business Plan in respect of its application for spectrum in the 2600MHz band. This is pursuant to SKMM’s offer to award 20MHz of this spectrum via apparatus assignment subject to DiGi submitting a suitable business plan.

The Board believes that the 2600MHz spectrum will enable DiGi to provide enhanced Mobile Broadband services to its customers. By utilising LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology, customers/end users will be able to benefit from improved user experience from both higher data speeds and improved service quality.

This announcement is dated 14 January 2011.


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Company Name DIGI.COM BERHAD  
Stock Name DIGI    
Date Announced 14 Jan 2011  
Category General Announcement
Reference No CC-110112-53712