Change In Remuneration Committee - Miss Wenche Marie Agerup

Back Oct 15, 2020
Type of Board Committee Remuneration Committee
Date of change 15 Oct 2020
Salutation MISS
Age 56
Gender Female
Nationality Norway
Type of change Appointment
Designation Member of Remuneration Committee
Directorate Non Independent and Non Executive
Composition of Remuneration Committee(Name and Directorate of members after change)

1. Haakon Bruaset Kjoel (Non-Independent Non-Executive Director) - Chairman
2. Yasmin Binti Aladad Khan (Independent Non-Executive Director) - Member
3. Wenche Marie Agerup (Non-Independent Non-Executive Director) - Member


Remarks :

The Board of Directors of Digi.Com Berhad wishes to announce the following changes in the Remuneration Committee ("RC") with effect from 15 October 2020:

i. Appointment of Ms Wenche Marie Agerup as a Member of RC.
ii. Cessation of Office of Mr Torstein Pedersen as a Member of RC due to his resignation as a Non-Independent Non-Executive Director of Digi.Com Berhad.

The announcements for the above were submitted concurrently.


Announcement Info

Stock Name DIGI
Date Announced 15 Oct 2020
Category Change in Remuneration Committee
Reference Number C08-14102020-00019